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As a passionate yoga therapist, I remind my students daily to honor their bodies and to be where they are.  Like life, the journey to optimal health is a marathon, not a sprint.  It's a voyage best undertaken with a bit of planning, a lot of compassion for yourself, and some resources, like a compass, a guide, and a map.


My own wellness travels felt like a slow and steady, decade-long uphill climb. For years, I felt like for every step I took forward, it was followed by two steps back.  Like so many of us, I was exhausted with navigating the very contradictory information that exists in the field of nutrition.  Low fat, low sugar, low carb, low energy, low mood, low tolerance for this food race that I just couldn't win. At my personal lowest I was overweight and suffering from underactive thyroid.  I was depressed, dealing with adult acne, my hair was falling out, and I was constantly fatigued.  I was never diagnosed but I was surely on the way to autoimmune disease in one of it's many inflammatory forms.

As luck would have it, however, pain can be our greatest teacher.  It was during this trying time in my life, while I was struggling with my health and also struggling in my personal/emotional life after the loss of a loved one, that a spiritual awakening opened me to greater compassion; compassion for myself, compassion for others, compassion for animals, and compassion for the planet.  It was in this moment that I decided to go vegan cold tofurky and I never looked back.  

I know what it's like to be broken; I know what it's like to be depressed, unhealthy, and unhappy; I know how defeating and frustrating it can be to navigate the world of contradictory information.  But most importantly, I also know the way to true inner freedom and optimal mind-body wellness.  An awakened heart was my compass, compassion was my guide, and a plant-based diet become my roadmap.  Along my travels, I lost 60 pounds, reversed hypothyroidism, and got in the healthiest, happiest shape of my life.  If you'd like a mentor to help you navigate your own healing journey, I am rooting for you!  

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